Hotel Arizona

Purple Goth?

We were attempting to go with a look that we could play with doing a shoot in the middle of the night at old ruins and make it look ghostly.   We succeeded in the make-up, but unfortunately the dress did not work out.   We needed a light colored dress that is wispy as to do away with the harsh lines the black dress left us with.    We will be attempting this look again, but slightly different as we have now done a test and know what needs to be altered.

Our goal was to lighten the skin by several shades and go with a contrasting make-up.   We wanted the pastel hair to assist with the ghostly look.  Whiteout contacts were used to assist with the ghostly look.

As the purple hair and contrasting make-up looked great without the contacts this turned into two shoots.  The first was at Ted's studio and the second was at the old Sasco Mine Hotel outside of Tucson AZ.


Photography: Ted

Model: Kittie

Make-up: Chloe