About Me

I reside in Tucson, AZ and have been a make-up artist for over a decade now.   When I am not doing make-up I am probably taking care of my family or out exploring ghost towns.

I have done a wide spectrum of make-up applications.   Everything from weddings and glamour to special FX looks.   My work includes make-up for weddings, special occasions, photo shoots, performers in a charity drag show, as well as special FX application for small short films.

I do make-up for the joy and passion of trying to enhance beauty or to create something completely bold.  I do not attempt to define or limit what is or can be beautiful in any way.

My favorite types of looks to achieve are dramatic transformations and other challenging looks that make me think outside the box.  I love drawing on inspiration and learning new skills to push my limits any chance I get!

The best thing about helping others with their make-up is seeing the joy it brings them.  To watch as they see themselves in a new way, and being able to see the elevated self image that can be created when you enhance and accentuate the beauty they already have.

There is little I find more fun than taking on a project that pushes by boundaries.   Maybe you can provide me with my next exciting look to create