MAC Pro Palette Large

Over the years of doing make-up I have amassed a huge collection of MAC eye shadows and concealers. I had always purchased singles and just kept the whole collection of pots in trays. I finally broke down and decided to transfer them all to palettes. This was one of the best decisions of my life! I went with the large Pro Palette with the 15 eye shadow/concealer insert.

I am now able to sort my eye colors much easier and access them easier as well. I decided to go with one palette for the 15 most used shades, and then I began to sort them by hue in the palettes following. I now have a palette for pinks and one for purples. I will be adding palettes for my blues, greens, reds, golds and oranges, etc.

While the process for removing the eye shadow from the old pot and putting it into the palette is not difficult it is tedious. But any new eye shadows you by can be purchased for the palette at a lower price from a standalone MAC store.

The other plus is you can turn in all the empties you created by taking the shadows and concealers out of the pots for lipsticks through the recycling program! I know I ended up with a ton of empties already and will have many more. Other bonus is the cost of the palette and insert is cheaper than the cost of a single lipstick so you kind of come out ahead if you move 6 eye shadows/concealers to a palette and you are looking for a lipstick anyway.

Here is a link to the products:

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